The majority of the general public does not realise that storm drain systems are a separate system from the wastewater system that handles household by-products. Unlike the waste water system, storm drains carry everything that enters them to the nearest water source. Therefore anything put into the drain will end up in a nearest water body.

Our streams, rivers, creeks, lakes and oceans are being contaminated with plastics, glass, cleaning agents, waste oils and other petroleum based products among many other pollutants, turning them uninhabitable for creatures that live in the water, and unfit for human consumption and swimming. Only 2.5% of the earth’s water is fresh, and 98.8% of that fresh water is inaccessible to us; therefore we must do everything possible to preserve this precious commodity.

Fish on Drains are here to remind and educate people that we must take action today to prevent further contamination of our waterways.

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Eco Blue Fish is molded from Polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate is a linear polycarbonic acid ester prepared from a dihydric phenol. Polycarbonate possesses extraordinarily good dimensional stability with a high impact strength which is maintained over a wide temperature range. This makes polycarbonate ideal for the manufacture of all kinds of items. It may be processed by injection molding, or into a sheet/film.

Typical injected applications:
  • compact discs, DVDs, Blu-ray Discs
  • drinking bottles
  • drinking glasses
  • lab equipment, research animal enclosures

    lighting lenses, sunglass/eyeglass lenses, safety glasses, automotive headlamp lenses

  • MP3/Digital audio player cases
  • Ocarinas

Typical sheet/film injection:
  • Advertisement: signs, displays, poster protection
  • Building: domelights, flat or curved glazing, and sound walls
  • Computers: laptops and computer cases
  • Industry: machined or formed, cases, machine glazing, riot shields, visors, instrument panels
  • Maximum Temperature: 250F, 121C
  • Minimum Temperature: -40F -40C
  • Autoclavable: Yes
  • Melting point: 300F 149C
  • Tensile Strength: 10,000psi
  • Hardness: R75
  • UV Resistance: Good
  • Clear, Rigid
  • Specific Gravity: 1.20

what people are saying

There’s something fishy going on with the drains...
Ruapehu Bulletin 16/06/2015

Ophelia Booth, at front, attaches a bright blue fish to a drain in Clyde Street last week, while the rest of the fishy drains crew look on; from left, Diana Booth, Brett Gibson, Councillor Rabbit Nottage and Phil Gerbault. Cr Rabbit instigated the ‘Mountains to Sea’ drains label project, to encourage people to keep the drains free of contaminants. “We want to make people aware that what goes into the drains goes into our streams, then into rivers and then into the sea.” 

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Fish a reminder to keep drains clean
Sophia Hasselgrave, Marlbrough Express 08/06/2011

It's World Ocean Day and the children at Springlands School in Blenheim are celebrating by challenging the town to keep its drains cleaner.The school's Fish on Drains project started last year, when they fixed a plastic blue fish above a stormwater drain, reminding people not to pollute the waterways.