Follow our step-by-step instructions below.

step one: Select the drain that you are going to install your fish to

step two: Place fish in position, so the words read correctly when standing on the footpath. Mark where the holes are to be drilled.

step three: Remove fish and drill down approximately 40mm

step four: Clean excess dust away, ensuring you do not sweep it into the drain

step five: Place fish back over holes making sure the fish is still facing the correct way and hammer each tappet in a little way to align the fish

step six: Hammer tappets the rest of the way ensuring there is no gap between the fish and the concrete. Your fish is now installed!

what people are saying

There’s something fishy going on with the drains...
Ruapehu Bulletin 16/06/2015

Ophelia Booth, at front, attaches a bright blue fish to a drain in Clyde Street last week, while the rest of the fishy drains crew look on; from left, Diana Booth, Brett Gibson, Councillor Rabbit Nottage and Phil Gerbault. Cr Rabbit instigated the ‘Mountains to Sea’ drains label project, to encourage people to keep the drains free of contaminants. “We want to make people aware that what goes into the drains goes into our streams, then into rivers and then into the sea.” 

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Fish a reminder to keep drains clean
Sophia Hasselgrave, Marlbrough Express 08/06/2011

It's World Ocean Day and the children at Springlands School in Blenheim are celebrating by challenging the town to keep its drains cleaner.The school's Fish on Drains project started last year, when they fixed a plastic blue fish above a stormwater drain, reminding people not to pollute the waterways.